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Wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being… and affects us not only emotionally, but also physically, and spiritually.

– Greg Anderson, founder American Wellness Project

  • Do your “buttons” always seem to be getting pushed?
  • Do you get caught up in negative thoughts about yourself or others?
  • Do you find yourself pulled toward old patterns of fear, anxiety, or blame?
  • Do you want to stop smoking but think you can’t?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you tend to end up being a “doormat”?
  • Do you find yourself stressed out most of the time?
  • Do you long for more joy… more confidence… or more success?

As human beings, it’s our thoughts that trip us up the most!

But… joy, success, fulfillment, peace… and more…it’s all possible when your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions are all going the same way!

That’s what Inner Wellness is about.

And Inner Wellness Programs and Services are about helping you get there!

It’s about understanding what’s in our mind that’s not working for us. And as we uncover this, we naturally stop trying to “fix” ourselves or trying to “fix” others.

When we let go of the struggle, we discover that we already have everything we need to find the peace we long for. And from this place of peace, right action naturally follows.

Hi, I’m Becky Waters, your Personal Success Catalyst. And I offer myself as a teacher, mentor, counselor, and guide supporting ordinary people with ordinary problems – people who want to…

  • change self-defeating or addictive habits
  • reduce their stress level
  • overcome performance anxiety
  • increase their overall sense of well-being
  • have more peace, more freedom, and less suffering

Here’s how to get started on YOUR road to success:

Here’s to Your Success!

Becky Waters, CHT, CLC, MM, B.Msc.
Your Personal Success Catalyst

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