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Deeper Calm, Stress Relief sessions are Now Available

What are the Benefits of a Deeper Calm, Stress Relief session?

  • Release tension and stress
  • Regain a sense of inner harmony and balance
  • Create a ‘Deeper Peace’ anytime
  • Learn Tools & Techniques to get you ‘Back to Happy’ in 5-minutes or less

During this 1.5-hr session, we’ll work on your # 1 stressor and create a Calm-Response to it – which you can then use to replace the automatic stress-reaction.

As you continue to reinforce this Calm-response and use the other tools and techniques from your Deeper Calm, Stress Relief session, you’ll find yourself becoming less affected by outer ‘stressors’ and more able to be the Calm in the middle of life’s storms.

Most-heard responses from past clients:

“I never knew I could feel so relaxed.”
“It’s like getting a brain massage.”

How it works

This special session is a great idea for that hard-to-buy-for person, as a last-minute gift, or for someone you know who could use a little extra TLC. (Including you? ;))

  • Order your eGift Card with the link below.
  • You’ll get a receipt for your purchase.
  • The recipient gets an email notification about their new eGift Card – with a link for booking instructions.
  • At the booking checkout, the Gift Card Recipient enters their eGift Card Redemption Code, pays the balance for the session (if the Gift Card amount is less than $150), and is all set to enjoy their Deeper Calm, Stress Relief session!

Order Yours Today

Send this digital gift card for the full holiday sale amount ($150)* or for any amount you choose.

Don’t delay! I’m only offering a limited number at this price. And the sale ends Dec 31.

Purchase your eGift Card here.

The Deeper Calm, Stress Relief session regularly sells for $180. Recipients of the eGift Card are guaranteed the holiday sale price. Gift Cards are good from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

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