The ME Game & the Purpose of Life

I often find myself lost in thought, percolating on concepts, ideas, trivia, meanings, music, recent books, articles, movies, conversations, and… well you get the idea.

The other day, while cleaning out old files from my phone, I came across an un-named audio I’d recorded back in March 2018. As I’ve been talking a lot about authenticity these last few weeks, and next month’s theme is on Happiness, the topic of this audio seems apropos. I’ve edited it a bit here for cohesion…

Recording insights Friday morning driving to my office, thinking about “Me.” It’s like we’re all in this “Me” bubble. And the whole game of life is getting out of the “Me” bubble and into the world. 

Like a board game where everyone starts out in the four corners and ends up in the center – except in reverse. With the “Me” Game, we’re all huddled in the middle of the board, all in our own “Me” bubble prison. And the Game of Life is about realizing you’re in the bubble to start with, then working to fully understand that “Me.” 

Even our cells have a “Me – not Me” outlook according to cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton. They are continually processing, identifying “me,” identifying “not me.” And this “Me” holds all the potential – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

The key to getting out of this prison is “Know Thy Self.” Knowing and understanding all the different parts of yourself so that you can take those best parts of your “Me” and spread them into the world. In other words, take the highest vision of you, all your potential, all your unique “You-ness” (“Me-ness”) and spread it out into the four corners of the world. 

That is the purpose of life:  Know Thy Self. And share it with the world. 

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s the original Insight Recording from March 9, 2018.

Image: Mykhailo Ridkous

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